Error: "Signature Verification Failed" from PolicySync.exe

Version 8

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x

    PolicySync.exe fails with "Signature Verification Failed" error


    The purpose of this document is to troubleshoot Signature Verification Failure related error messages during policy software distribution in LANDesk Management Suite.  More information on troubleshooting Policy Sync can be found here:
    How To Troubleshoot Policy Sync




    Software distribution tasks are failing.  PolicySync fails.  Workspaces and Portal Manager show no applications or do not update new application polices or display "Failed to load packages", and the PolicySync.exe.log shows this error:

    RollingLog : Run PolicySync.exe

    RollingLog : Request: Request policies

    RollingLog : Request: GetWebResponse ok

    RollingLog : LoadLocalPolicyInfo: load local machine

    RollingLog : Verify: failed, no signature

    RollingLog : Request: signature verification failed

    RollingLog : LoadLocalPolicyInfo: load user

    RollingLog : PolicySync: failed request

    RollingLog : Exit PolicySync.exe with code -3




    The LANDeskComPlus local user is not a member of Users group on the core server, or the user account specified in the LANDESK and LANDESK1 COM+ Applications is not valid.



    1. Add LANDeskComPlus local user to the Users group on the core server under AdministrativeTools -> ServerManager -> Configuration -> Local Users and Groups:
      Snap_2016.01.25 13.08.16_003.png





    1. Open Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer -> COM+ Applications and view Properties for the LANDesk and LANDesk1 COM+ Applications:
      Snap_2016.01.25 13.31.33_004.png
    2. Select the Identity tab, and ensure a domain admin level account is specified here with correct credentials.  It is recommended that you use a System account that does not expire or require password changes:
      Snap_2016.01.25 13.32.09_006.png
    3. Shut Down and Start Up the LANDesk and LANDesk1 COM+ Applications to apply the changes (or reboot the core server).


    NOTE: If you decide to not use a domain admin account, the account that you specify in the LANDesk COM+ Applications should be a member of the local Administrators, LANDesk Administrators, and LANDesk  Management Suite groups on the core server.