How to create the Reinitialise Action from Service Desk 2016

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x

    From Service Desk 2016 you are now able to create the Reinitialise Action.

    This feature has been implemented to accommodate New Modules created in Object Designer.


    How to create the Reinitialise Action


    1. Log into Console as SA or an Admin User

    2. Go to Process Designer.

    3. Go to the "Business Object" section

    4. Expand your Module that you wish to add your Reinitialise Action to and highlight the "Action" folder

    5. In your Action panel, click "New"




    6. Name your Action

    7. For the Action Type option, there is now a new option available called "Reinitialise". Select this.




    8. Save your Action.

    9. This can now be used in your Process.


    Note that you are only able to reinitialise a record within the same Module. So for example, you can move an Incident from one Incident Process to another Incident Process. this will not enable you to move a record from one Module to another Module. To do this, you will need to design your Process to open a new record for the new Module and close the record for the original Module.