How To: Add a User to the CSA

Version 5

    Description: How to add a user to the CSA.


    When creating a new user through the GUI, that user is created only on the CSA application and not in Linux itself. When trying to login to the virtual machine (the gray login box) it's asking for a Linux level login account. Once logged in, it then launches the CSA application. Due to the user you created being an application level login instead of system level login, the user will fail when logging in directly to the machine.


    If you wanted to login to the machine itself, you would need to SSH into the device using the admin login and create the user at the system level. This would not create the user at the CSA application level. Nor is this suggested due to security reasons.



         1. Login to the CSA interface through a web browser.

         2. Click the Users button found on the left-hand side.

    ss (2016-01-28 at 09.58.13).png

         3. Click the Add button

    ss (2016-01-28 at 09.58.13).png

         4. Enter in information and click Save.

    ss (2016-01-28 at 10.02.22).png

         5. The screen will change back to the list of users on the CSA. Process is complete.