Resolved:  Unable to provision Mac devices with Fusion drives

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    Resolved:  Unable to provision Mac devices with Fusion drives


    What is Fusion Drive?


    Fusion Drive is a technology that uses a solid state drive and a hard disk drive in tandem. Apple’s technology, built into OS X Mountain Lion and later, manages your data using Fusion Drive to best maximize the performance you get out of your Mac.  The Fusion Drive appears as a single volume on the disk rather than showing the SSD and HDD as separate volumes. They are combined into a single logical volume.


    Whenever data is added to the device it is copied to the SSD first. Until this SSD starts to fill up considerably (believed to be around 4GB remaining space), your machine will solely rely on the faster solid state storage. Once you’ve filled up this space, then OS X starts its process of managing your data, but it will always keep a small amount of space free as buffer for incoming data. This ensures file transfers, copies and other incoming disk operations remain as fast as the SSD permits.


    Known Issue:


    Because of the way that OSX handles files between the two physical drives, LANDesk OS Provisioning was previously not able to Provision devices with Fusion drives.  As of LANDESK 2016.3 we have added support for Fusion drives, and also for Core Storage.