CETerm: Sending IDA action codes from the Command Line

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Applies to: CETerm, CE3270, CE5250, CEVT220



    This article describes how you can send IDA action to CETerm from the command line



    You can send command IDA codes as command lines to invoke specific behavior, launch scripts or control CETerm from a third party application launcher. This feature was added in version 5.1.1 Here are some examples: To start CETerm, switch to Session 1 and connect the session: CETerm.exe IDA_SESSION_S1 IDA_SESSION_CONNECT If CETerm is already running, this will switch it to Session 1 and connect the session if it is not already connected. To switch a running CETerm to Session 2, otherwise do nothing: CETerm.exe IDA_SESSION_S2 IDA_NONE

    already running.


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