My Dashboard Reports aren't showing numbers on certain reports

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    Dashboards is a new feature in LDMS 2016 that replaces the old charts in LDMS9.6 and older. This feature utilizes SmartVue and other tools to generate reports for your LDMS 2016 Console. These new reports can be arranged however you see fit and allow you to make some interesting combinations.

    Please do not delete this task.

    However due to SmartVue being a dependency for some of these reports you may not always see report data from some of these reports. If that's the case then you'd want to make sure that your SmartVue task is still running. By default with LDMS 2016 SmartVue will be configured to run and you'll see a task for it in your Scheduled Tasks.


    In the event that this task is deleted or removed, it's quite simple to recreate it and get your reports back up and running as expected. To do this simply navigate to Configure.. > SmartVue Configuration > Scheduler and define a schedule. Once you click OK it will recreate the task and you'll see it pop up again in your list of public tasks.


    For more information on SmartVue please consult the following document: SmartVue - FAQ's and Troubleshooting


    For more on the Dashboard editor please consult: