How to verify SLA Time and Color via the Database.

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    How to link lc_action and lc_escalation_details to verify SLA Time and Color.


    Problem: When looking in the database for LifeCycle Actions to see which phase of the SLA they correlate to you will want to use the following script to pull data to compare.


    Solution: Run the following script to pull data to compare the SLA Percentage time to Color within the lc_action table. Change the CHANGETEXT within the script to that of the Response Level you are trying to verify.


    select * from lc_escalation_action where exists (select lc_guid from lc_action where lc_title Like '%CHANGETEXT%')


    Once the results are pulled back, you can view the lc_action_time table to see the percentage of the SLA time  and correlate it with the color code in the lc_colour column. This will show you the color the SLA should turn at the percent configured.