Android OS Update

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1


    Avalanche 6.1 SP2 brings the ability to update the OS and apply security patches for your Motorola Android Devices. This guide is designed to walk you through the process.



    Avalanche 6.1 SP2 with an Android enabler or higher.


    Known Limitations:

    1. OS update package format

    Currently, Zebra has 3 kinds of type package: OS update package (, OS recovery package (, and patch. Applying a RB package will roll back device to zero state then loss user data, so manually checking the package type is required for IT administrator. The file format of package must be zip and the file size must be smaller than 1GB. If Avalanche cannot find build No. in the package , such as patch or the recovery package for TC55, it will always reports Update Complete to Avalanche if device succeed to enforce update action


    2. Payload delivery

    Only Zebra devices with EMDK installed can perform OS update. IT administrator should be responsible for identifying which OS update package should be deployed to which devices. A wrong package could damage devices. For instance, a voice-enable device can only be updated with a package for voice-enable device only. Avalanche supports selection criteria to filter out devices.


    3. OS version check

    A Zebra device won't apply the RU package which has the same OS build version. But applying inappropriate version (for example, a lower version) OS update package is possible.


    4. Manual operation

    A Zebra device goes to the recovery mode when performing OS update. The process is controlled by OS level, it may need manual operation if OS update is failed.


    5. Power/Battery

    If the option ¡°need to be docked¡± is not checked while applying OS update, device may run out of battery.


    6. Security risk

    Use external link may cause device to download a wrong package which may damage device.


    7. SD card

    The package will be downloaded to the SD card whose free space is larger , if device has both internal SD card and external SD card . The free space on SD card must be more than 1.1 times of the package size in payload , otherwise it will report ¡°out of disk¡± to server as Alert


    8. Manual enforce OS update

    Avalanche supports to enforce OS update manually at Inventory tab , when device is in Download Complete status or Update Error status .


    9. Multi profiles with OS update payload

    Only the OS update payload in high level profile can be applied to Zebra device , if apply multi OS update payloads in different profiles to the device .



    First ensure your device's enabler has been updated to the or newer.

    Next create a new Android Payload and select OS Update


    You will then be taken to the OS Payload Screen. Provide a Name and choose either to host the file on Avalanche or Select a URL where the file will be reachable.


    If you select URL please ensure the file will be accessible from wherever the device will be updating from. If you select to have Avalanche host the file select Browse... and choose the update file (should be a zip file) It will provide a status bar showing where you are at with the upload.




    Once the upload is finish you can chose your payload settings. It is recommended that you keep "Device must be docked (not running on battery) " This can reduce the chance of bricking the device. Customers using Cellular should only select Cellular data data options if they have unlimited plans or are not worried about data usage.


    Finally we have added options to check for/install updates at specific times to ensure users are not impacted due to an OS update starting during working hours.


    Once the settings have been selected press save and then apply the payload to a profile and enable the profile.



    Schedule a deployment and the device should check for/install the update based upon the previously configured settings.




    Updates can be obtained from Zebra. If you have questions about OS Updates for your device please contact Zebra. Some OS updates are a factory reset style update that will wipe all configurations and applications from device.


    If you are using Premise version of Avalanche you will need to ensure that you have updated the Data Repository settings within Tools > System Settings