How to add CC Recipient to Incident from an incoming email

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    CC Recipient is a feature in Service Desk that allows you to add any Users to an existing Incident and have these users notified with the same notifications as Raise User is receiving.

    This is done through a Behaviour in Object Designer called: "CC Recipient Container"


    You are also able to add CC Recipient from the cc recipient added to an email which is sent to your Service Desk to log an Incident.

    So, if you send an email into your Service Desk system and you add cc recipients to this email, this email will log an Incident and then automatically add the cc recipients from the email as CC Recipients to the Incident.


    Note: The Outbound Mail Service needs to be configured and working to get the CC users added to the case. Should the Outbound Mail Service not be running, than the case will be created, but without adding the CC Users.


    Here is how you set this up:


    1. Follow the steps in this Article to set up the basic behaviour:

    How to get 'CC Recipient' functionality working in Service Desk


    2. Modify your relevant Process and add the "Add CC Recipient" Action to the relevant Status.

    If this is done on creation of the Incident, then this action will need to exist on the first status that the Incident will LAND on after creation. This will either be OPEN, or if the Incident will automatically move along to an OTHER status, then this action will need to be added to the OTHER Status.


    3. Go to your Mail Component and launch to modify your relevant Mail Mapping for the Process you modified in step 2.

    4. Make sure that "Send Reply On" is set to either "Both" or "Creation"

    5. Save your Mail Mapping.




    Note: Any User added as a cc recipient in an incoming email will need to exist as a User in Service Desk for them to be added as a CC Recipient to the Incident.



    Please Note:

    This feature will not work if your "Send Reply On" is set to either "None" or "Update" on version prior 2017.3

    This has been logged as Problem: 6377 - "CC Recipient from email will not be added as CC Recipient on record automatically if "Send Reply On" in Mail Mapping is set to None or Update"