How to Use Add an Insert to Industrial Browser / Velocityce

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    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3Velocity 2.0

    Adding code to a WEB host profile:

    Web pages in the mobile environment often times need a few tweaks. It is not always practical to make the change on the web page itself.

    Wavelink Industrial Browser / Velocity has a feature called Insert where you can plant code to be added to the page by the client when the page is processed.

    We do assume that you have validated that what you are adding does work outside of the Wavelink client.


    1. Write your code in any plain text editor and save it as a .txt file

    IE: Style tag to change the background color

    <style> body { background-color: cornflowerblue; } </style>


    2. Go into your Host Profile and select the Insert Tab.

    3. Select Add Item and browse to your .txt file containing the code you want to add to the session.



    4. After you have selected the .txt file you will see the Web Page Data Insert window. Here you can specify where the tab is applied (IE: Header Top/Bottom or BodyTop/Bottom) You can also limit what the code is applied to by using URL Fragment or Search Text. If left blank, the inserted data will be applied to all pages under this host profile.




    5. Update your device with the new configuration to go live with the change.