Naurtech - VT220 - 5.5 - XP Embedded: Running 5.5. on XpEmbedded - need to configure Secure Telnet over SSL on Port 992 - no configuration options

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7


    VT220 and Secure Telnet over SSL on Port 992

    CE Term 5.5

    XP Embedded



    • When I look at the Security options on our existing version (5.5) I only see SSH parameters in the Security/Advanced tab there are no SSL options



    SSL is not currently supported on XP because it uses a different package called "schannel" as a "cryptographic security provider". It will take some effort to implement this under XP and should be driven by a strong business case. SSL is only relevant to IBM telnet over SSL. VT should use SSH.”


    Here are some references:


    Using Schannel CSPs
    Secure Sockets Layer Protocol