CETerm: Quick tips and tricks for using Naurtech TE and Browser

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Applies to: CETerm, CE3270, CE5250, CEVT220



    Quick tips and tricks for using Naurtech TE and Browser



    If you are not already doing so, here are some tips to effectively use Naurtech terminal emulation clients.

    Font size (Increase / Decrease)

    • You can simply use the Font Up or Font Down buttons on the toolbar to increase or decrease the size of the text on the display of a connected session. The same action can also be achieved using the Display -> Font Up / Font Down selections. This action works for both TE and Web Browser sessions. The application remembers the last used font size for that session.

    Configurable KeyBar

    • The soft KeyBar can be configured to place soft keypad buttons for your keys and application operations. You can place up to nine buttons on a single keybar. Refer to the Configurable KeyBar section in the manual for details.

    Access Control

    • You can prevent a user from changing the configuration by specifying an access password. When set, you will be prompted with a password validation if you want to enter the configuration dialogs. This is a great way to "lock down" the device and prevent your mavrick useres from changing the device configurations.

    Full Screen Mode / OS lockout

    • You can configure our TE or Browser to operate in "full screen" mode by hiding all device and application control menus. Doing so allows you to use the whole physical screen as the terminal or browser display area.


    • You can display RF signal and battery strength indicators, either as floating icons or as part of Keybar buttons. This provides a visual status on your TE or Browser session screens.



    • Almost every application operation has a hotkey associated with it. HotKeys make an efficient alternative to invoke an operation or action. 


    • You can change the font used to display text in your TE or Browser sessions
    • You can change the font size and also make the "font bold" to enhance readability.
    • You can select different background, foreground and attribute colors for enhanced visual readability. Some predefined color schemes are already


    • You can "double tap" anywhere on the screen of a connected TE session to invoke an Enter operation.
    • For TE sessions, you can directly tap the function key text string on the terminal display to invoke that function key. You do not necessarily have to invoke the function key via a Custom keybar.  Touch Screen configuration must be enabled for HotSpots.

    Screen Panning

    • For all connected TE sessions (3270, 5250 and VT), you can " tap-hold-and-drag" the terminal display screen in any direction with your stylus. Panning stops once the edge of the host screen has reached the display border.

    Additional Information



    Automatic Navigation


    • If you navigate through the same set of host screens, you can record a macro. Playing it will allow you to navigate through these screens automatically.