CETerm: Using HotSpots

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Applies to: CETerm, CE3270, CE5250, CEVT220




    With keyboardless device that have smaller screens, it would be beneficial to enable host function keys on the terminal display itself using "hot spots" for easy and positive user experience.



    A HotSpot is an invisible field on the terminal screen where a user can tap with a stylus to execute a function. A hotspot thus allows a user to interact with the host application with minimal needs for the special key pads. Instead the user can directly tap on the text in the terminal display to invoke the desired operation.

    A simple example might be the use of function keys. Typically host applications map actions and operations to function keys to navigate screens. An operation associated with a PF key might be displayed on the terminal as "PF1 = Help". CETerm automatically detects this as a HotSpot and will send a PF1 key to the host when you tap on the PF1 text on the terminal display. CETerm currently supports non-programmable hotspots only. Custom hotspots are provided using our Scripting capability.

    "Touch Features" must be enabled for HotSpots.

    The following is a list of text strings that are enabled as hotspots on the terminal display. "xx" represents any numeric digit.

    • 3270
      • PFxx=
      • Fxx=
      • =
      • Enter
      • Menu Items
    • 5250
      • PFxx=
      • Fxx=
      • =
      • + (becomes a Roll Up Key)
      • - (associates a Roll Down Key)
      • More
      • Bottom
      • All selection fields
      • All Light Pen functions
    • VT
      • PF12=
      • PF12/PF15=
      • F12
      • [F12]
      • Menu choices for example, "2. Office Tasks"

    In addition a double stylus tap anywhere on the display screen generates an "Enter" keystroke. You can "double tap" instead of hitting the Enter Key.

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