CETerm: Support for connection to dedicated LU

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Applies to: CETerm, CE3270, CE5250




    The following information explains how to configure a IBM terminal (3270 and 5250) emulation sessions to connect to a dedicated LU on an Open Connect Systems (OCS) Gateway connected to the host.



    Session configuration for IBM terminal emulations has been extended for this support. This feature only applies to TN3270 servers that support this ability (e.g., the Open Connect Systems (OCS) Gateway).

    Terminal type, screen size, EAB and dedicated LU support are negotiated with the TN3270 server using the following syntax.


    where the following applies

    • x indicates the terminal type.
    • model_type indicates the screen size. Should be 2 (only model 2 is supported).
    • E is an optional parameter that specifies Extended Attribute Bytes (EABs)
    • luname is an optional parameter that specifies an LU name defined on the TELNET server. The name, found in the logmode definitions of the LU, can be up to eight characters in length.

    The appropriate negotiation string is created dynamically by the application.

    NOTE: If either the model screen size or terminal type do not match the LU characteristics as defined on the TELNET server, the terminal type negotiations will fail. If the model screen size in the custom terminal type negotiation string does not match the string specified in the Add Session or Edit Session dialog box, EXTRA! will not display the correct model screen size.

    1. Open the CE3270 Session Configuration dialog.
    2. From the Terminal Type drop-down list box, select either the terminal type of IBM-3278-2 or IBM-3279-2.
    3. Enter the dedicated LU resource ID in the LU# box.
    4. Check EAB as needed.
    5. Hit OK.


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