CETerm: How can I lock down the device so users cannot change the configuration settings

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Applies to: CETerm, CE3270, CE5250, CEVT220




    There is often a need to prevent users from being able to change the application configuration settings. Further there may be a requirement to prevent users from exiting the TE or Browser application or launching other applications on the Windows CE device.



    The access control functionality provided within our application satisfies these requirements.

    • Hide the application menu and tool bars
    • Prevent users from invoking another application by disabling the Start menu.
    • Prevent users from exiting the Naurtech CETerm by disabling the application exit feature.
    • Administrators can password protect access to the session configuration settings.

    It is recommended that you configure all other settings prior to locking down the device. This configuration is typically used in "full screen mode", wherein all application menu and toolbars, including the Windows CE Start bar are hidden. Follow these steps to lock down the device.

    1. From the application menu, select [Session][Configure] to open the configuration dialog.
    2. Select the Options tab.
    3. Tap on the Advanced button
    4. Select the "Access" tab
    5. To prevent users from launching other applications, you can hide the Start menu. To do this enable the "Hide Start Menu" check box.
    6. To prevent users from exiting the our application, enable the checkbox "Disable App Exit"
    7. To setup a configuration access password, tap the [Config Password] button.
    8. Enter the password. This password will be required the next time you attempt to access the application settings. To clear / change an access control password, delete / modify the password from this prompt.

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