CETerm: ActiveSync install instructions

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Applies to: CETerm, CE3270, CE5250, CEVT220




    Instructions to install downloaded software



    Once downloaded, please follow the instructions described in the Resolution section to install the emulation software on to your device.

    All Naurtech terminal emulation clients are packed as a Zip file. Once downloaded, please follow the following instructions to install the application to your device.

    After unzipping, you should have the following files in your local directory


    • CExxxx.cab
    • CExxxx.ini
    • license.txt
    • ReleaseNotes.htm
    • Setup.exe


    where xxxx is the product and platform descriptor for the target CE device. Multiple CAB files may be present for different CPU targets.

    1. Make sure your handheld device is connected to your desktop via a serial or USB connection.
    2. Make sure you have ActiveSync installed. Version 3.5 or greater is recommended.
    3. Make sure your device is connected to the desktop via ActiveSync.
    4. Run Setup.exe on your desktop.
    5. You will need to acknowledge the EULA to proceed. Click the "Install>>" button. This will launch the application manager to install CExxxx on your device.
    6. If you have not installed CExxxx before, the application manager will prompt you to install Naurtech CExxxx in the default directory. Select Yes.
    7. If you have installed CExxxx previously, the application manager will indicate so. Select "Yes" to re-install / upgrade this latest version.
    8. Once installed, you will see "Naurtech CExxxx" in your menu. For HPC platforms, you will also see a shortcut on the desktop.


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