Query against the Assignment Business Object to get the Assignment audit history

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    When a process related record, say, an Incident, comes to the end status, the Current Assignment information (group and user) will be gone, but sometimes we do need the Assignment details, say, an audit history to check what the assignment path it had gone through whatever the record’s status is.



    We can achieve this by creating a query against Assignment business object under the relevant module.

    For example, I want to view the Incident’s reference number, Assignment serial number, the title of the assigned-to group and user, the creation date time of the Assignment, the Assignment’s subject, then what I have to do is to select to display the following attributes in the query:

    Incident.Reference Number,





    Process Assignment Serial Number (this attribute is column pm_serial_number in table pm_process_assignment in your database).


    Reference screenshots:

    Query design

    Query result

    You can view the Assignment history for a specific Incident, and sort it based on conditions such as Creation Date, Process Assignment Serial Number, etc.