Ivanti Endpoint Manager: Remote Console Window Sizing Issue (Restore, Minimize, And Maximize Don't Work Correctly)

Version 9

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x


    Some users are experiencing issues with the remote console not launching the window correctly after logging in. Sometimes it wont be visible, only part of the window will show, and the minimize/maximize buttons don't seem to be responsive.





    The windows console uses a 3rd party UI library called VIBlend. VIBlend has a known issue causing this behavior. Ivanti is currently working on removing VIBlend from the console.


    Solution / Workaround:

    This issue has been filed as a defect (ID 435376). For a temporary workaround, hover your mouse over the LANDesk icon on the task bar and once the preview window/thumbnail preview shows above the icon, right-click the preview window and select Restore. That is usually enough to get the remote console to pull up and center on the screen.

    RC2.jpg Capture.PNG


    Other users have seen success by opening the task manager and using the the window options when right clicking the process like so:




    The long term resolution will be the removal of VIBlend from the windows console. However, this is a major architecture change for the console and doesn't currently have an ETA.

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