What's new in the community (Q3 2016)

Version 11

    We are pleased to be able to announce that we have upgraded the community site and here's an overview of some of the new features available:



    The redesigned Spotlight Search is a great way to quickly find items using keywords, when you don't need a more detailed investigation. Click on the search button on the toolbar to display your search.


    It automatically includes wildcards as you type parts of words. Make sure you are logged in and then check out the History or Suggestions tabs to pull up things you look at.  The Spotlight Search also shows a quick link to search or view any Bookmarks.


    search bar.png

    Your Content

    Want to go back to questions you asked or discussions you participated in?  Go to your profile dropdown and select Your View.  You can then select to view what documents or questions you authored yourself plus what discussions you have participated in.




    your content.png


    "I have the same question"

    When viewing an unanswered question you are now able to indicate that you have the same question too.


    same question.png

    (click to enlarge image)


    Selecting this button doesn't notify anyone but it helps to move your question up the answer list when viewing open (unanswered) questions.  This is because the open question list is ordered by Most Same Questions.  View all open questions here.


    Pasting images from clipboard

    You can now copy and paste images directly into discussions or documents rather than needing to save them first and insert them from the tool bar.  NOTE:  Not every browser may behave the same - we tested Chrome and IE.


    Mark an answer as helpful

    When someone replies to your question on the forums you can mark their reply as helpful or correct.  The location to mark an answer as helpful has moved.

    mark as helpful.png

    Customise Your View of Community


    Now you can manage your very own page (only visible to you) and personalise it with tiles to help you organise what you want to see.  When you are logged in you can access Your View from this link: https://community.landesk.com/your-view  You can also select the @ icon next to your profile image which brings you to inbox and activity, from there you can select Your View.


    Your view.png

    (click to enlarge image)


    You can edit the widgets / tiles shown on Your View to display things you want by clicking Edit page.  Once in Edit page you can remove or edit the tiles by clicking on the delete or configure icons in the header of each tile.


    You can add in new tiles from the list available by scrolling down to an empty tile and clicking on Add Tile.  Then select the tile you want to add and move it to where you want to see it on Your View using the arrows in the header.


    widgets.pngIf you want Your View to show every time you select the @ icon next to your profile avatar in the header, click the pin icon next to the words Your View in the left sidebar. Now, when you click the @ icon next to your profile, you'll go right to Your View.


    Follow a Tag

    Follow a tag to easily stay up to date on all content containing a shared tag. To learn how to follow a tag, be sure to read Using Activity Streams to be notified about what matters to you

    Responsive Web Design / New Mobile Home Page

    We have a new mobile-friendly home page, which works with the new responsive web design. The community switches to this display when users access the home page using a small screen or a narrow browser width.


    Issues fixed


    Embedded Video Full Screen issue

    We had an issue where users were unable to view embedded videos full screen.  This has now been resolved.