Bluetooth Scanner is not an option in TelnetCE

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3

    Environment: MC67 WM6.5, TelnetCE v7.3.xx, Bluetooth Scanner, possibily affect other devices with two scanners on the device.


    Problem: When launching the TelnetCE client v7.3.xx, and already paired a BT Scanner to the device, the TelnetCE asks which scanner you would like to use, but the BT scanner is not an option (Camera1 or Camera2).


    Cause: (Remove if not yet known) Telnet Client allows two scanner, and the device already has two scanners on it (BT Scanner would be the third).


    Solution/ Workaround: (Delete as appropriate) From the Emulation Parameters, you will need to go to the Scanner, Common, and Default Scanner, then enter Bluetooth Scanner, save and send this configuration to the device.


    If you are needing to also use a Scanner that is default on the device, you will need to create a second Host Profile, and in the one of the Host Profiles you will need to set the Scanner Default (but not both). Then push the configuration to the Device.

    Depending on the scanner being use, will determine what Host Profile is used.