Letmobile 3.1 On Premise Release Notes

Version 2

    New Features:

    • Apple iOS 10 support added
    • App wrapping and its policy management was added
    • Secure browser and it policy management was added
    • Added an option to add new devices into Hybrid mode.
      • This becomes the default mode of enrolment – i.e. new devices are added to hybrid mode by default (this is true only for new domains)
    • For Exchange 2010 and above attachments are not cached in the DB but are fetched on demand from Exchange. This will reduce storage space dramatically.
    • On iOS when connected to Exchange 2010 and above, Office files rendering has been improved
    • Removed support for secure mobile folder
    • Inventory sync with LDMS console. Ability to see all mobile devices protected by Mobile Security Suite in the LDMS console.
    • Ability to block, unblock and remove a device in mobile security suite from the LDMS console
    • Ability to open the mobile security suite admin console from the LDMS console. This includes SSO
    • Remove the ability to login without the LetMobile app


    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed bugs in installer
    • Improve Excel files rendering
    • Support for iOS9 in allowed devices and bug fixes in allowed devices
    • Fix bugs related to hybrid mode and support for different devices and email clients
    • Improve embedded images viewing
    • Fix calendar invite issues with LG 5.1.1
    • Added support for more devices
    • Better support for rendering HTM files in different languages
    • Under the hood performance and stability improvements


    Known Issues:

    • Windows 10 on PC, DLP not working
    • iPad with iOS9, in some cases require to flip the device to view email in online mode
    • App wrapping in iOS9: if the wrapped app is using Webkit some cache information (for the webkit) may not be encrypted. In case using Webkit in iOS9, clearing the cache will solve the problem.
    • Calendar events do not work in the Microsoft Outlook app on Android devices
    • If the SSL certificate contains the $ character the installer will not work.
      • It is advised not to use $ character in the certificate password, but if it exists, the following workaround will work:
        1. Run the installer until you get a dialog indicating an error in the ‘Install Services’ phase (Failed to configure the application with the appropriate files)
        2. Do not click the ok button
        3. Go to the installer directory at C:\ProgramData\LetMobile\3.0.0\Data\WebServer\deployer\resources\override-properties\
        4. Open InstallerOverride.properties file, look for keystore.password=[your password] and add \\ before the $ character, for example: keystore.password=123456$ should be changed to keystore.password=123456\\$ (You may need to rename the file after edit in order to save it)
        5. Click the Ok and continue the installation


    Required changes to MySQL configuration prior to install:

    1. Open the my.ini file found under C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6 with notepad++ with Administrator privileges.
    2. Change the following values (for a LetMobile DB running on a dedicated machine):
      1. max_allowed_packet=100M
      2. max_connections=1500
      3. innodb_log_buffer_size=32M
      4. innodb_buffer_pool_size=2G
      5. innodb_log_file_size=512M
    3. For LetMobile server +DB running on the same machine:
      1. max_allowed_packet=100M
      2. max_connections=500
      3. innodb_log_buffer_size=8M
      4. innodb_buffer_pool_size=1G
      5. innodb_log_file_size=256M


    This is highly important to do before installation/upgrade to 3.0.

    Otherwise, after installation the server will be able to connect to the DB due to lack of connections in the MySQL pool, or wrapping failing due to innodb buffer.