How To: Display multiple attributes in a drop-down list using Attribute Templates for Web Access

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    Requires Access To:

    Console and Web Access


    How to:

    Display multiple attributes of an object in a drop-down list on a window in Web Access.


    Step by Step:

    In this guide we are going to set up an Attribute Template (on an Incident's Raise User for instance) to show

    • ... the User Title;
    • its mail address;
    • the last update date.

    We'll see how to create a template then describe the different settings and finally how to apply it on a (Incident) window.


    Create an "Output Attributes Template"

    • Go to the Console > Object Designer > System module > User
    • In the Properties of User, identify the Templates section and then select the Output Attributes.

    Snap 2016-03-17 at 09.39.12.png

    • On the pop-up window "Output Attribute Templates", you'll have the possibility to personalise your template through many properties:
      • "Output attribute templates" contains existing templates for this object and you can therefore add and delete templates via the "New" and "Delete" button on the right.
      • When creating or modifying a template:
        • Select the Name of your template;
        • The output attributes will show you the attributes you can display in the template (on the left), and the ones which will be displayed in your template (on the right);
        • You can reorganise the order of these attributes will be displayed thanks to the "Move Up/Down" buttons. The attribute on the top will be the main attribute and will be displayed with the basic font and format. The other attributes are the subordinate attributes.
        • Finally, you can choose the format of the subordinate attributes in the "Font setting for subordinate attributes" section;

    Snap 2016-03-17 at 09.55.25.png

    • Click OK and save.


    Apply the Attribute Template on the window.

    • Then in Window Designer, open the Incident window and select the Raise User attribute (as Raise User is an attribute related to the User object, we'll be able to apply our new template !);
    • In the properties, identify the "Attribute Template" one within the "Configurable Properties (Web Access)" section;
    • Select your new template and save.

    Snap 2016-03-17 at 10.06.43.png


    Let's test that

    Log on Web Access and log a new Incident (ensure that the window you'll get is the one you modified in the Console) and here is the result of the Template we created in this example:

    Snap 2016-03-17 at 09.59.27.png


    You can use the search bar to search for an attribute provided that the attribute is not a related attribute pointing to an object (a group for example). For instance, in our example, we can look for the mail address which is a string attribute. But if we were to look for the "Primary Group", unfortunately we wouldn't be able to perform a research on it as this is an attribute pointing to the object "Group".


    Snap 2016-03-17 at 10.20.57.png



    Released in Service Desk 7.8 / Example in Service Desk 2016