LANDESK 9.60 Update setup encountered an error

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6



    When installing SP2 on 9.6 Core Server we get an error " The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. "


    Console error.jpg




    - LANDESK Software 9.60, Service Pack 2.Log:


    ERROR:UpdateComputers exiting with 4 Error(s)


    The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

    Console.inf: (0x00000020) IMAGE\,,log4net.dll
    Console.inf: (0x00000020) Langs\enu\IMAGE\,,enuitran64.dll
    Console.inf: (0x00000020) Langs\enu\IMAGE\,,enuitnmp64.dll
    CommonCore.inf: (0x00000020) Langs\enu\IMAGE\,,enusched.dll





    The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open.


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\rus\image\,ldlogon\,rusLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\ptb\image\,ldlogon\,ptbLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\kor\image\,ldlogon\,korLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\jpn\image\,ldlogon\,jpnLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\ita\image\,ldlogon\,itaLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\fra\image\,ldlogon\,fraLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\esp\image\,ldlogon\,espLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\enu\image\,ldlogon\,enuLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\cht\image\,ldlogon\,chtLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) Langs\chs\image\,ldlogon\,chsLDReboot.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) IMAGE\,,operatezip.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) IMAGE\,,msinterp2.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) IMAGE\,,dmrollup.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) IMAGE\,,_cbadisc.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) IMAGE\,,ParseMsi_x64.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) IMAGE\,,MAKECAB.dll


    Console.inf: (0x000004C8) IMAGE\,,LANDesk.PWM.WinUI.dll




      1. End process explorer.exe on your core server and open PowerShell.
        1. Once open, navigate to the location you extracted the patch to (typically C:\LANDESK_Patches).
        2. Find the Setup.exe file and execute it from PowerShell.

      2. Make sure there are no anti-virus or anti-malware programs actively scanning the files as they are being processed.


    1. Download and extract something like Process Explorer to help find what may be holding the files open.
      1. Launch Process Explorer.
      2. Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA).
      3. Ctrl+F to open the find window.
      4. Enter the name of the file that is being held open.
      5. Click search.