How to Install Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 with Software Distribution

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    How to Install IE 11 on Windows 7 with Software Distribution instead of Patch Manager.


    NOTE: First it is recommended to use Patch Manager to install IE 11. But if you have not purchased this module, this article may help you install IE 11 with Software Distribution.



    • Prerequisites: If you want to save time in the actual IE 11 installation process, you can download the prerequisites for IE 11 and install them on the target machine first. Here's a list of the prerequisites for your reference. But in my case, I didn't install these before installing IE 11 installation package, the package just ran a bit longer and still got IE 11 installed.


    NOTE: Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit) may not work.


    • Copy the file into the distribution package storage location. It is recommended to share via HTTP rather than UNC path, as many permission issues are seen when UNC sharing is not configured properly, yet HTTP is connected anonymously.
    • Create a distribution package: The package download file was presented in the form of an executable, so in this case, I created an .exe package.
      1. Package information: The primary file path should point to the location where the IE 11 installation package resides. In my case http://Core_FQDN or_IP_address/patch/IE11-window6.1-x86-en-us.exe, double-click on the file to make sure you've selected it.
      2. In Install/ uninstall options:
        1. Enter command line or select options above and edit command line:  Enter:
          • /quiet /norestart
          • NOTE: To see a full set of accepted switches run the /? with the application from an administrative command prompt or consult with the vendor.
      3. Configure other settings if necessary. In my case, I just used local system for account setting.
      4. Save the package. (If you need to change any settings in a package, remember to reset hash before making another scheduled task.)
    • Reboot the target machine first (before you need to install IE on any machine).
    • Create a scheduled task, run the task. When the job ends with 'Complete', IE 11 should have been installed. Restart the target machine and you will see it updated.