Avalanche 6.1: Network Profile Doesn't Save Changes / Can't Update Network Profile / Enabled network profiles cannot be edited when applied

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1


    Wavelink Avalanche 6.1, SP1, SP2

    Network Profile is enabled


    • Enabled network profiles cannot be edited when applied
    • Can't edit my network profile
    • Can't update my network profile
    • Updates and Changes don't save on my network profile
    • WIFI / WLAN / WLAN IP settings do not save on my network profile



    Known issue, but easy straightforward workaround.




    Unapply and Re-apply

    Unapply the profile, make the changes, and reapply the profile

    1. Log into Avalanche
    2. Go to the Profiles tab
    3. In the Applied Profiles section, Check the box to the left of the affected Network profile
    4. Click the 'X' above it to Unapply the network profile.
    5. Perform a universal synchronization (deployment) <---- Important Step to Remember
    6. Make the changes you need to the network profile
    7. Save the changes
    8. Apply the profile again
    9. Perform a universal synchronization (deployment)


    Two Network Profiles (SAFEST)

    It might be best to have two identical network profiles (created separately, NOT cloned), and whenever you need change you can change the network profile that is not currently applied. Then you will switch them.

    Because most companies don’t need to change their network profiles often, this shouldn’t be an issue. Here are some helpful variations on the solution:

    1. If there is an applied network profile that the customer doesn’t want to unapply and edit and re-apply, then simply
      1. Create a new network
      2. Verify it is the same as the currently applied network profile with any changes you want to make
      3. Unapply the old network profile
      4. Apply the new network profile
      5. Perform a universal synchronization


    ANY QUESTIONS? Leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer the questions.