How To Copy Dashboard Components In Dashboard Designer

Version 1

    Occasionally, when building a new dashboard, you're looking for two similar components but want to edit one of them to make it pull slightly different information (for example).  This is just a quick and easy way to copy components on the fly, saving you some time changing up the filters in the left pane, or sorting through the component directories to locate the one you want.  It's something so simple, you may not have known about it.


    I have a basic pie chart below grouping by incident category, and would like to copy it to the lower left portion as well.


    Hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and left-click (and hold) on the title bar for the component.  Drag the component to the empty space in the lower left and release.


    After dragging and dropping -


    From there, I plan on editing the lower graph via properties to group by 'assigned group' instead of category, and maybe change it to a 'Doughnut' style graph as well.

    End result -


    In the end, this creates a natural flow as you're creating dashboards, allowing you to be creative with it and make changes faster!

    Thank you! Carry on!