No Scan Beam on a Universal Telnet Client.

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3

    Environment: Universal Telnet client (no client specific, Version 7.3.xx and should also apply to older versions, Scanner (no beam),


    Problem: Universal Client will not scan (has no beam) on a device without a device specific client. Telnet client will not scan, but device scans in notepad on the device.


    Cause: The Universal Client is an OS specific client. It does not know what device it is on, what scanner, what display, or what keyboard.


    Solution/ Workaround: Load a current client for the same manufacturer on a device. After installed, go to the TE file folder (Device\Program Files\Wavelink\TelnetCE and find the “Scan.dll”. Copy it from a device to a PC, connect the Universal Telnet Client, go to the same file folder and paste the “Scan.dll in the client folder.

    Start the Telnet and press the scan trigger to verify you have a beam.

    You will still be limited on the parameters you can set.