Hosting Files on the CSA

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    As part of patch 4.3.1-176; For security reasons, the "Software package upload" capability has been removed.  It will no longer appear as a choice on the CSA main menu page. (See here for more info about this patch - LANDESK Patch News Bulletin: LANDESK has Provided an Update for CSA 4.3 - (Patch 176) 25-FEB-2016). In order to still host files on the CSA (ie, on-demand agents), the files will need to manually be uploaded to the CSA.




    1. Copy file to CSA

         a. Using WinSCP- a free SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows (, transfer the file (ie, on demand agent, putty, etc) to /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/client/packages.


    File copied to CSA.png


    2. Allow web service to offer file for download


         a. Still in WinSCP, right-click in the /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/client/packages folder, select New - File from the menu.

    ss (2016-03-29 at 12.11.00).png


    Name the new file as file.exe.desc (ie, putty.exe.desc, ondemand-agent.exe.desc)

    ss (2016-03-29 at 12.12.35).png


    Edit the newly created file, added the full name of the file (putty.exe, ondemand-agent.exe) and save your changes.

    ss (2016-03-29 at 12.13.20).png



    To confirm this worked, go to the CSA and select Cloud Services Appliance Utilities - Support Tools from the left-hand side. You should now see your file listed here to download.

    ss (2016-03-29 at 12.13.55).png


    If unable to copy/create folders though WinSCP, it can be done through command line:

    *** The example uses putty.exe, you'll need to replace putty.exe with your_file.exe


    1 .Get file to CSA

    Using WinSCP- a free SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows (, I transferred the putty.exe (the exe I was using for test purposes) to a directory on the CSA that the admin has access to- I used the /home/admin directory in this case.


    2. Move file to correct folder

    After transferring the file, using SSH to connect to the CSA, transfer the file from the home/admin/ directory to the directory in which packages are hosted to be accessed by the web interface-



    To do so:

    sudo su (to ensure you have full root access)

    mkdir /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/client/packages

    CD /home/admin

    ls (to verify the putty.exe package is visible there)

    cp putty.exe /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/client/packages

    cd /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/client/packages


    CustomOnDemand1.exe CustomOnDemand1.exe.desc putty.exe

    (as you can see the putty.exe file is present on the device in the proper location.)


    3. Create .desc for file

    After the file is copied- a .desc file needs to be created with the proper contents to allow the web service to offer the .exe for download.


    To do so:

    cd /opt/landesk/broker/webroot/client/packages

    touch putty.exe.desc (creates the file)

    vi putty.exe.desc (opens up visual text editor to add the publicly visible title of the file- in this case putty.exe)

    putty.exe (I added this line)

    :wq (closes out of vi and saves changes)