Changing Verity Server Details

Version 1

    Trying to move the Verity server or restore a database backup on a different system to the one on which it was taken


    The Knowledge services do not hold the reference to the Verity server, it is kept in the database.  Therefore, when a different installation of Verity is required the database must be updated.  The steps to follow to achieve this are:


    1) Stop the knowledge services


    2) Close Console


    3) Run:  Delete from tps_application_setting WHERE (tps_name = 'VeritySettings')


    4) IIS Reset


    5) Start Services, this should set the new Verity location as the services auto-detect Verity if there is no reference in the DB


    6) Check in Console that the new location has been located and that a rebuild runs without error


    ITBM all versions