About Cloud Service Appliance (Management Gateway) Connection Statistics

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    This document is to explain the "Gateway service status" report on the Cloud Service Appliance (CSA). Some of the information can be seen on the "Status" tab under "Connections".






    Account statistics


    • Administrative level connections - Admin privileged CSA accounts that are currently connected.
    • Service level connections - Service account connections between the core and the CSA.
    • Console level connections - Non-admin CSA accounts that are currently connected.
    • Client level connections - Normal user connections to the CSA.
    • Unprivileged connections - Guest connections or unauthenticated connections. The process serving the connection should be executed as the 'nobody' user. An unprivileged connection will get created every time the on demand remote control client (rcclient.exe) is downloaded and installed, provided a connection is successfully established to the gateway.


    Recent activity


    • Authentications failed since - The number of failed authentications since the specified date.
    • Accounts locked out since - The number of accounts locked out since the specified date.


    Connection Statistics


    • Total connections serviced - The total number of connections services since the last gateway reboot.
    • Maximum number of connections - The maximum number of gateway connections allowed by the server.
    • Current connections - The number of connections currently on the CSA.
    • Oldest active connection - The oldest connection by date connected to the CSA.
    • Client connection requests - These are actual client connection requests. This shows how many clients have requested a connection to the core. (Not how many actually were granted a connection).
    • Authentications failed - The number of failed authentication attempts since the last reboot.
    • Accounts locked out - The number of accounts locked out since the last reboot.
    • Client connections waiting for link - These are connections that are created and open waiting for a connection to be established.
    • Console or service connections linking - Connections to the CSA web page and pre-defined waiting connections on the back end. The pre-defined waiting connections are machines that are in Gateway mode.
    • Client connections linked - The number of successful client to core (end to end) connections successfully completed.
    • Connections performing http requests - Connections hitting the CSA web page to download the viewer or the remote control client.
    • Connections currently being routed - This is a connection happening on both ends: The client connecting to the CSA and the CSA connection servicing the system.
    • HTTPS sessions - The number of HTTPS sessions currently connected to the CSA.
    • HTTP sessions - The number of HTTP sessions currently connected to the CSA.