Knowledge Services and rebuilds / are regular knowledge rebuilds necessary?

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    My articles keep disappearing from the Knowledge build - I have the Background Service and Knowledge Base services runing.  The Article Expiry date is set in the past.


    Do I need to rebuild my knowledge every night?




    The knowledge services have the following functions:


    • Background Service is used for updating the knowledge base - every time a new entry is added to the queue the background service processes it.  This means that as new pieces of content are added or amended they will be built into the knowledge search without the need for a total rebuild.


    • Knowledge Base service does not process the building of the knowledge base at all.  It is used to schedule the builds as per the configuration for the scheduling.  In addition, it changes the status of Articles that have past their expiry date to Created so that the Knowledge Administrator can review and re-add the articles if necessary.  In other words: all the knowledge base service does is add a queue entry for a rebuild and then the knowledge builder will process it.


    Due to this it is generally recommended to only have the background service running, it is not necessary to schedule regular re-builds unless you are using the article expiry date and want those articles to be removed from your search index.  If the Base service is required you must ensure that any articles are created with an Expiry date set for the future else they will not be included in the build.