Crystal reports 11 incompatability with Crystal reports 10

Version 2

    Error: "Failed to retrieve data from database" when previewing a report

    "Database Connector Error: 'If the tables are already linked then the join type cannot change'"


    Crystal have this:



    Essentially, it seems that reports created in Crystal Reports 10 are not always editable in Crystal Reports 11, particularly table linkages etc.  Basic design alterations don't seem to be affected.


    If this error is recieved when attempting to add an additional table to a report. Revert back to a copy of the report before the new table was added and make sure smart linking is turned off in crystal reports before attempting to add a new table.  You will need to setup the links to the new table manually using the link tab in Database Expert (under the Database menu).  Smart linking can be turned off by oepning Crystal Reports and selecting File | Options, Select the database tab and uncheck Automatic Smart Linking and click ok.


    Crystal Reports 11