What are shortcut categories in workspaces

Version 5

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    Service Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x


    ServiceDesk 2016.1



    In Workspaces for ServiceDesk 2016.1 you may notice some the navigation menu has changed. 

    There has been 5 Shortcut categories that have been added.

    These have been added to help with navigation and the visibility of these categories will depend on the roles your user has been assigned.

    You might see the following icons for 4 of the categories when logging into Workspaces on ServiceDesk.

    Security Manager is a category from the Management Suite only and the display may differ.


    What can I see in these Categories.


    • Analyst Workspace
      • This will appear for analysts who sign in to Workspaces and for roles that have this Shortcut group published to them
      • You will see all the Analyst Dashboards that have been created in Workspaces as well as a default one called "Task Summary"
    • Asset Manager
      • This will appear for roles that have this Shortcut group published to them in Console
      • You will see 3 hard coded dashboards that will be used for Asset Central
    • Security Manager
      • This is a LDMS only role and you will only see it if you have the rights in the Management Suite
    • Self Service
      • This will appear for Service Desk analysts and end users, with the publishing of shortcuts matching the publishing used in Web Access Self Service
      • You will see the published Shortcut groups and shortcuts from SelfService.
    • Administration
      • This will appear for Service Desk analysts that have the Administrators role.
      • You will see links to Dashboard Designer and Theming



    These categories are hard coded and can not be changes.