Dashboard Designer in Workspaces

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Service Desk 7.8.xLANDESK Service Desk 2016.xLANDESK Asset Central 2016.x


    ServiceDesk 2016.1



    Analyst dashboard designer is to improve the Analyst experience in Workspaces.



    When designing a dashboard you have a list of available gadgets.

    • Charts
      • Pie, donut, column, or bar charts
    • Data grids to display query results lists (including grouped queries and queries using report templates)
    • Content gadgets to display rich text including hyperlinks
    • Links Gadgets
      • Queries, Process, URL, Dashboard




    Dashboard Preview


    As you might be viewing Workspaces from a number of different device we have tried to make the layout dynamic. It is very import to think your design through first and take in consideration the devices you will be using the most.

    For this reason there has been a preview added to give you some indication on how it will look on a Desktop, Tablet, and phone.

    By highlighting one of these modes you will see a border will appear.



    Publishing your Dashboard


    You can Publish and Edit the Workspaces Dashboard by going to the dashboard designer and clicking on the icons on the right.

    Please be aware that if you publish a Dashboard then anyone with the Analyst role will be able to see the data that you have setup.  If you would like to filter out the certain data then you can use data partitioning.


    Workspaces dashboards can only be seen in Workspaces.


    For more information how to use and design your dashboard please check the online guide.

    Things to Note.

    • Web Access dashboards remain in the Self Service section of the Workspaces navigation bar.
    • If a migrated dashboard includes an unsupported gadget, then that gadget does not appear in Workspaces,and the dashboard design rearranges to take up the empty space.
    • If you create a new dashboard in Web Access Self Service, a matching Workspaces dashboard is createdwith the same publishing rules applied to it.


    • Use of the Dashboard Designer in LANDESK Workspaces is controlled by the ConfigurationComponents\Configuration\Workspaces\Dashboard Designer privilege, which you can set using the Administration component of the Console.  ***In order to design new Workspace Dashboards, the Administrator role is required along with the privilege mentioned above***
    • If you have configured Workspaces to work with LANDESK Management Suite, then LANDESK Management Suite administrators can also access the Workspaces Dashboard Designer.