Velocity - How to deploy settings to Android Device / How to create the .wldep file / Can't find com.wavelink.velocity folder on my Android Device

Version 2


    Wavelink Velocity

    Android Device with Velocity Client



    • When you have completed your Velocity configuration, how do you send the settings to the device?
    • How do I create a .wldep file?
    • Where do I put the .wldep file?
    • I can't find the com.wavelink.velocity folder on my device. Where do I put the .wldep file?



    1. In the Velocity Console, open the project that you have completed
    2. Select "Deploy"
    3. You will see Velocity save you project
    4. Then you will get a pop up asking you to save your .wldep file.
    5. Save it to location that you can easily access.
    6. Connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable
    7. Browser to your .wldep file (created in Step 5) and Copy & Paste it into the "com.wavelink.velocity" folder on the Android device.
      IMPORTANT: If you have NOT opened the Velocity client on the device yet, the com.wavelink.velocity folder will not be created. You can manually create this folder on the device.
    8. When you next open the Velocity client your settings will be loaded.