Velocity: Using the Scripting Library to import a script

Version 1

    The Purpose of this document is to go over the importing of a library script into a host profile. This document assumes that you already have knowledge of creating a host profile in Velocity.


    the first step is to select the scripts option from the menu:

    You will then be taken to the script editor:

    on the bottom right of the script editor you notice a library button.. selecting that will bring up a menu of included scripts:

    From here select one of the preconfigured scripts and select OK.

    Once you have the script imported you will then need to check the box so that you may edit this script and link it to a session. to link the script after you have checked the box, click on the link button at the bottom:

    Once Linked it should appear as such


    From here you can now edit the script parameters to your liking.. Be sure to save and deploy the Project and then add the newly created WLDEP to your device.