Ivanti Asset Manager 2017.3

Version 15

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    Ivanti Asset Manager 2017.3



    Ivanti introduces its newest IT asset management release, Ivanti Asset Manager 2017.3.  Please contact your Ivanti representative for Asset Manager licenses.


    Product ComponentNorth America ServerEMEA Server
    Ivanti Asset Manager (All Languages)*


    OneTouch Packager (English)DownloadDownload
    SQL Databases (English US)DownloadDownload
    Asset Manager Content Pack (please see comment below)**DownloadDownload
    Documentation (Asset Manager and Service Desk) (All Languages)PDF version / Online Documentation


    * Service Desk and Asset Manager use the same base installer, so you do not need to download the installer separately for each product.


    **  The content pack is only needed if you upgrade from a database version prior OOTB version 2016.1 and wish to add the Asset Manager content to the database.

    • The 2017.1 OOTB database contains the content pack already and here the content pack is not needed.
    • If you upgrade from an OOTB database which already contained the asset content pack, a re-import is not needed.
    • If you upgrade from an database which already had the content pack imported, a re-import is not needed.


    For more information about this release, please see Release Information and Useful Links document.


    Customers who use this release are also entitled to Xtraction. To obtain the download links and licenses for this software please speak to your Ivanti representative.


    Please note, you will require a 2017.x license key to use the software. If you are upgrading from release 2016.x, you will need a new license key. A 2017 license key can be requested via your account manager.  You can view your account manager contact details here.  Support will not be able to issue a license key for you.