About Core Task Retry vs. Client Policy Retry

Version 17

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x




    The purpose of this document is to outline the difference between the two (2) types of retry attempts configurable in the task properties.


    Core Task Retry


    Task PropertiesThings to Note



    • This process is controlled by LANDESK scheduler service (schedsvc.exe).
      • The LANDESK scheduler service will retrieve the retry entry from the LD_TASK table which will advise PolicyTaskHandler.exe to process agents on 9.6 and 2016.


    • Once initiated, your repeat configuration is stripped from the task properties and maintained in the Database (ld_task) table upon successful completion of the overall task


    • If the overall task "fails", the scheduler will not retry it (by design).

    Note: If no machines are online to retrieve the task and if the the task is a Policy or Policy Supported Push, the task should retry. The moment one (1) device retrieves the task and the process attempt fails, the task will not be restarted from the core.

    Core Task Retry - Provisioning


    Task PropertiesThings to Note



    • This process is controlled by LANDESK scheduler service (schedsvc.exe).


    • If a task fails on a device, allows the task to be retried on that device. You can specify the number of retries allowed.


    • Option available ONLY for Provisioning tasks.


    Client Policy Retry


    Client Policy RetryThings to Note


    • This process is controlled by PolicySync


    • These settings are maintained in the client policy file located in (%ldms_home%\landesk\files\client policies).
      • cp.taskid.xml for portal tasks, and cp.taskid.runnow.xml for required and push tasks


    • The client policy xml gets created upon creation of a task


    • Once the client policy xml is downloaded to the client (done by PolicySync), the information contained in the xml is read by sdclient upon execution. The client policy file is downloaded to (programdata\landesk\policies)

    • The Interval attribute in the xml contains the frequency set in the task properties.


    Failed Retry attempt (Client-Side)


    Failed Retry AttemptThings to Note


    • This process is controlled by PolicySync


    • By default, PolicySync will check the return code in the client policy .stat file every 24 hrs to determine whether or not the attempt was a success or a failure.


    • If the return code reflects a failure, an attempt to retry the client policy will be initiated.
      • This behavior is only applicable to required client policies


    • In LDMS 9.6 SP3 and higher, this option is now configurable in hourly increments up to 24 hrs