About Device Naming Templates

Version 17

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x


    LANDESK 2016 introduced Device Naming Templates as a new method for naming devices during the Provisioning process.


    Device Naming Templates combine Public Variables, Number Sequences, and Truncation to provide a flexible, easily controlled device naming solution.


    Creating Device Naming Templates


    In the LANDESK Management Console, select Tools > Provisioning > OS Provisioning.


    Within the OS Provisioning Tool, select Tools > Device Naming.

    Device Naming.png

    Click Add. The Edit Naming Template window should appear.

    Edit Naming Template2.png

    Clicking Insert on either section of the Window will apply value to the "Template" field. Keep in mind that clicking Insert again will not overwrite previous data; rather it will add to it.


    Click Save when finished. The saved Template should now appear in the "Device Naming" window.


    Adding Device Naming Templates to Provisioning Templates


    In a Provisioning Template, right-click "Pre-OS Installation," "OS Installation," or "Post-OS Installation" and select Add Action.


    In the "Type" drop-down list, select Device Name Prompter. Click OK.


    Within the Device Name Prompter action, check Name Template and select the template created earlier.

    Selected Action Properties.png

    Device Name Prompter in WinPE


    When the Device Name Prompter action runs in WinPE, the following window will appear and the configured countdown timer will begin:

    Device Name WinPE.png

    From here, various configured Naming Templates can be selected for use. The option to fall back to the Default "LDHostname Variable" is also available. Click OK to continue provisioning.




    • Device Naming Templates do NOT update the name of the computer directly. They simply update the ldHostname variable for the host workstation within LANDESK. This variable is then utilized to replace the %ldHostname% entry in the Unattend Script.
    • Extending from above, Device Naming Templates will NOT have an effect on the workstation within "System Migration" or "System Configuration" sections of the template.
    • The Inject Script action MUST be run after the Device Naming Template within the Provisioning Template.