Velocity: Enable Logging

Version 1

    This document goes over the process to enable logging for the Velocity client..This document assumes you already have the client installed, and configured with a host profile on the device.


    1. Start the Velocity client

    2. when you see your host profile, press and hold to bring up the pop dialog of Edit or Delete.

    3. Select Edit and enter in the password


    4. You should now be in the host profile itself

    5. Scroll until you see "Enable Logging"

         a. use the slider the enable.

    6. exit and save.

    7. Exit Velocity and reopen Velocity

    8. Logging is now enabled..



    *** if your device is connected to USB after enabling logging, please disconnect from the USB to run your tests.


    To obtain the log files, they will be on the SDCard of the device in the com.wavelink.velocity folder on the device.