Giving analysts ability to see user details and add CI items in console

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.x


    The following privileges (on top of the analyst role) give the analysts the ability to see end user details and add CI items, without having access to the entire Administration component



    Configuration Components\Configuration – Administrator

    Configuration Components\ Administrator – PURG

    Configuration Components\ Administrator\PURG – Users Groups and roles


    and also:

    Give Access to the Administrator shortcut/Administrator component. I noticed that if you remove the other components from the group in order to publish it, then they're not there next time so the following instructions take you through creating a new Administrator group with this component only and publishing it.




    On the left hand side of the window, in order to create a new Administrator group -  click Add, enter in the group name Analyst

    Admin and click OK. On the right hand side we're going to add the Administration component only, so highlight the Analyst Admin group on the left and click Add on the right. Select the Administration component and click OK to add the group. Then click OK again. Then go back into this window, highlight Analyst Admin and click Publish. Click the dropdown within the Publish to box and select Role. Then highlight and move the selected role across to the right and click OK.


    The analysts will need to log out and back in again to see the new Analyst Admin group with Administrator within it.