How to create a reporting user in Crystal Server to avoid the CMC authentication prompt when running web reports?

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    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.6Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x


    Crystal Server 2013 with any version of Service Desk


    Requires Access To:

    Central Management Console (CMC) in Crystal Server with admin access.



    You have created a link to a report hosted on Crystal Server (as explained in the document How to share a Crystal Server report with your Web Access Users). When you open the link to view the report, you get an authentication page asking for a user name and password:


    You get this authentication page because you are not authenticated in Crystal Server / BusinessObjects when you click on the report link. This is not related to the report settings, it only means that you need to be authenticated in Crystal Server / BusinessObjects to be able to run the reports hosted on this environment.



    You can create a new user in Crystal Server with limited privileges that will be used to run reports only. The credentials of this user will be included in the URL that you use to launch the report.


    If you don't want to create a new user, you can use the Guest account which is already in Crystal Server. Because it is disabled by default, you need to enable it from the Central Management Console. Go to User and Groups > User List, open Properties for the Guest account and clear the Account is disabled check-box.


    Create a new user in Crystal Server:

    1. Login as administrator to the Central Management Console (CMC).

    2. Open Users and Groups and create a New user:

    3. Enter the Account name. The password can be left blank, and you can make sure it never changes by ticking Password never expires and User cannot change password:

    4. Click Create & Close. A message on the top of the window confirms the user creation:

    Grant the access to the reports folder:


    1. Once the user is created, go to Folders, right-click the folder that contains your Crystal reports and select User Security:

    2. Click on Add Principals:

    3. Add your user to the list of selected users using the arrow button and click Add and Assign Security:

    4. Select the access level View On Demand and click OK:


    You can now run reports in Crystal Server with your new user without getting the authentication prompt. Your report URL needs to include the report id, the user name and the user password. For instance the URL http://MYCRYSTALSERVER:8080/BOE/CMC/variable/CrystalReports/viewrpt.cwr?id=6199&apsuser=ldsdreports&apspassword= will run the report with the ID 6199 using the account ldsdreports with an empty password.


    For more details about the report URL and how to get the report ID, see How to share a Crystal Server report with your Web Access Users