How To: Write correctly arguments of Framework Object Calculation Functions

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    In this article, we are going to see how to set up properly the arguments of Framework Object Calculation Functions such as

    • GetNamedObject("DataObject", value)
    • GetObjectByAttribute("DataObject", "attribute", value)
    • GetRankedObject("DataObject",rank)


    To know the purpose of these functions, please refer to the LANDESK Service Desk - Designer Guide, section "Calculation"

    You can also refer to the following article to see how to use these functions Calculation Writing Tutorial - 8.  Working with Dropdown Lists (Objects)


    A Framework Object Calculation Function?

    Calculation functions are functions available on the bottom left of the calculation editor window, in Service Desk Console. Those are functions which require a particular carefulness when used because if one of the function arguments is not properly specified, the "Test Calculation" feature won't detect this error as the syntax remains correct anyway.

    1) Calculation Editor.png

    Some of these functions require arguments such as "DataObject" or "attribute" (as mentioned above) but it can happen that these arguments are not typed properly and must be checked or the calculation won't return the expected result.


    Step by Step:


    DataObject argument

    A DataObject argument is made of two elements: the module name and the object name. For instance:

    • IncidentManagement.Incident
    • RequestManagement._RequestSurvey

    It can happen that the module name is not really straight forward, so to get it go to the Query and Report Designer, create a new query based on the "Module" object from the module "Metadata". In the attributes list, display the name and this should be enough to display the list of all the module names.

    2) Query on Module.png

    Find below the results from an Out Of The Box environnement of Service Desk 2016:


    Module name


    To get the object name, that's really much simpler. Go to the object designer, find the object concerned (for instance RequestSurvey), and in the properties, check the "Name", not the Title

    3) Object Name.png


    Attribute argument

    To get the Attribute argument, proceed exactly in the same way than for the object name: highlight the attribute and check the name in the properties.