Bulk Enrollment for Android Smart Devices

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.2

    Bulk Enrollment for Android Devices have been added to the latest release of Avalanche. Bulk enrollment is meant to be used as a staging method that requires fewer manual steps to ensure your android devices enroll to the correct locations.

    The Bulk Enrollment feature is mainly an Enabler upgrade but still follows standard enrollment rules setup by your AOD or Premise service.


    Known Limitations:

    Bulk enrollment requires customers to use Third Party certs. A Self-Signed-cert will cause enrollment issues if the device is wiped


    The enroll.prf file is required to be placed within the following locations

    • Zebra: \Enterprise\usr\persist\enroll.prf
    • Non Zebra: \sdcard\persist\enroll.prf

    The keywords for the enroll.prf file (enrolled,pwd, server) should all be lower-case


    If a user needs to re-enroll a device that has used bulk enrollment it is recommended to do the following steps:

    1. Push new enroll.prf file with the new enrollment information to device
    2. Send a wipe device command that deletes the device from the Avalanche Console
    3. Device will reboot and then auto enroll to new enrollment group


    It is recommended to use a staging utility or in the future the File Payload type profile. The file payload as of 6.1 SP2 only drops the file into the \enterprise\usr\


    Configuring enroll.prf


    As mentioned earlier the enroll.prf file is required to be placed in a specific location. The specified locations are meant to maintain data through an enterprise reset.


    To create the enroll.prf file open a notepad program. Then add three lines



    The values for each keyword is just like manual enrollment.


    Once the file is saved you can install the Wavelink Android enabler (.87 or newer) and the device will auto enroll.


    Once a device has enrolled via bulk enrollment all line items will be greyed out.