Office 365 Error Solutions

Version 7

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x

    The following error messages are resolved by installing the pre-requisite Microsoft utilities:

    • This product needs the following module installed: Azure Active Directory Module for Windows Powershell
    • This product needs the following module installed: Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant

    Find the instructions on how to configure the needed packages/components on this page. DO NOT use the Azure Active Directory v1 module link. See note below.

    NOTE: Currently the Office 365 connector appears to be looking for version 1.0 of Azure Active Directory Module for Powershell. This version of the module can be found at:

    Version 1.0 can also be downloaded from Microsoft at the following link. The version is listed as 9031.1.


    Follow the instructions in the sections: 'What do you need to know before you begin' and 'Step 1: Install required software'.

    Once you have installed both Microsoft utilities, you will need to start the LANDESK(R) SAM Data Service.


    Other possible errors in the Office 365 connector and resolutions:

    • The credentials given do not work to logon to the Microsoft Office 365 Administrative Portal
      • The username and password given are not authorized to gather the Office 365 usage data, this needs to be an administrative account.
    • SAM Data Service unlicensed
      • The SAM Data Service relies on an SLM license. You will need to have purchased licenses for SLM to unlock this feature.
    • This product needs the following module installed: Windows Powershell v3.0