unable to change password for a previously deleted analyst

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.x


    On attempting to re-set password for an analyst who had previously been deleted, get the following error:


    Attempt to modify EncryptedPassword attribute of an object class type System.Password. Deleted objects cannot be modified


    the corresponding record in tps_password was still set to deleted.  If you are 'un-doing' a delete by updating tps_deleted in tps_user, make sure you do tps_password too.  To fix:


    update tps_password set tps_deleted = '0' where tps_guid = 'see note below'


    To identify the tps_guid value within the tps_password table which relates to your affected analyst, find them in the tps_user table & the value here in the tps_password_id column is the one you need.


    Alternatively the following SQL will make sure that all passwords are set to 'not deleted' where the user record is 'not deleted'


    UPDATE tps_password SET tps_deleted=0 WHERE tps_guid IN (SELECT tps_password_id FROM tps_user WHERE tps_deleted = 0)


    Service Desk version 7.1.4 onwards