How To: Filter a Multi Select List Box for Console and Web Access

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    Service Desk 2016.x

    How to filter a Multi Select List Box for Console and Web Access


    This document will give you example steps on how you can add a filter on a Multi Select List Box



    1. Create your linking Object in Object Designer that you want your Multi Select List Box to be based on. for more information on this, please see here

    2. Add your Multi Select List Box to your window. For more information on this please see here


    3. To filter your Multi Select List Box, go back to Object Designer and find the Object that you have linked to your linking Object that you wish to use your Multi Select List Box on.

    For example, if you create a linking Object between End User Object and Customer Object, you will have a linking Object that looks like this:




    If you want to use Multi Select List Box on your Customer window to show you a list of End Users, then you will need to go to your Customer Object and find your Linking Object Collection Attribute. (This is created automatically when your create your linking object.




    4. Highlight the Collection and in your properties, find the "Filter Selectors" option and open this.





    5. The Attribute Filter Selectors window launches. From here, click "New Filter Rule".

    6. The Attribute Filter Selector window launches. From here, drop down the "Select a filter query" and select "New".



    7. In the "New Filter" window, type in the name of your filer, tick the "Everyone" tick box and click OK.



    8. In the Filter Editor - Attribute page, add the Title Attribute.



    9. On the Criteria page, add any criteria that would allow for you to see the result you want to see in the Multi Select List Box. You can use an absolute criteria or a runtime value.



    10. Click Finish and choose to save your Filter.

    11. Click OK on the "Attribute Filter Selector" window

    12. Click OK on the "Attribute Filter Selectors" window

         If you want to add in a condition for when the filter is to be used, you can do so on the Attribute Filter Selectors window, in the Filter Rule Conditions section.


    13. Save Object Designer


    Now when you view your window with the Multi Select List Box added, it will only show you the result as according to the filter on the collection attribute.