How to use two columns on windows in Workspaces (SQL script to update all windows in one go)

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    How to user two columns on windows in Workspaces


    From 2016.2 we now support a two column layout of all your windows in Workspaces. This is done by the group box on the window and is set up with your window design.

    You can mix a single column layout with a two column layout on any window by having some group boxes set to show single column and some group boxes set to show two columns, but the setting will need to be either switched on or off on the individual group boxes.


    This Article will take you through how to configure the two column layout, how it renders on your workspaces window and what to consider when you design your window.




    To configure group boxes in Workspaces to use two columns:

    1. In Console, open the required window in Window Manager.

    2. In the Window Editor pane, select the group box that you want to have two columns then display the Properties grid.


    3. Under Configurable Properties (Workspaces), set Is Two Column GroupBox to True, then save the changes
    When you view the window in Workspaces, the fields in the group box are displayed in two columns.





    Example of a single column layout:


    Example of a two column layout:





    Which Attribute goes in which column?

    Workspaces will automatically determined which attribute will go into which column.

    Workspaces will read all attributes as if you are reading a book.

    1. Left -> Right
    2. Top -> Bottom




    • Any attribute furthest to the left is put in column 1. Any attribute on the same row to the right of this attribute will be put in column 2.
    • If your design has got more than 2 attributes on the same row, then the 3rd column will be moved down and placed in the first column on the next row.




    The importance of Aligning the Row in your design

    You might find that your attributes aren’t lining up the way you want them to in Workspaces.
    For example, the below design:



    If we highlight the attributes within Window Manager, we can clearly see that they are not on the same row.
    As Workspaces is reading from top to bottom it will see the Department attribute first and so this will be rendered to the window before the Login ID attribute.


    As a consequence, the attributes appears to have swapped places with each other.

    How to align your attribute into the same row

    In Window Manager, highlight all attributes that you wish to have in the same row.
      Shift + Click will allow you to select multiple attributes


    And it will align your highlighted attributes into the same Row and now render correctly in Workspaces:


    Single or Two column length?

    Some attributes will be given a width of one column and some attributes the width of two columns.
    too is set automatically by Workspaces

    Any attribute shorter than 50% of the group box length will be given a width of 1 column

    Any attribute longer than 50% of the group box length will be given a width of 2 columns

    The length of the attribute is counted from the beginning of the label until the end of the field.


    SQL script to update existing windows to show two columns in Workspaces

    The below script will update the selected window to set all group boxes on that window to show with a two column layout.
    You can update the below script with the TITLE of the window you want to modify.

    declare @window nvarchar(64)
    set @window = 'Incident'
    update ui_form_item set ui_two_column_groupbox = '1' where ui_type = '8' and ui_form_guid in (select ui_guid from ui_form where ui_title = @window)



         The below script will update all windows in your entire database to show with a two column layout


    update ui_form_item set ui_two_column_groupbox = '1' where ui_type = '8'