How to filter your Lifecycle drop down list when setting up a Triage process in Service Desk

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.x

    From 2016.2 you are able to create a Triage Process for your Analysts to use when they are not sure of which lifecycle they want to create the case in.

    The Analyst is then able to select which Lifecycle to log the case under by selecting the name of the Lifecycle from a Lifecycle drop down list. This drop down list will by default show you all active Processors.


    You can filter this drop down list to only show specific processors, as you might want different Analysts to see different Lifecycles.


    For more information about the new Triage Process, see here


    How to filter your Lifecycle drop down list


    1. Log into your Console as SA or with an Admin User and go to Object Designer.
    2. Expand Process Management and double click on Process
    3. In the Attribute list, find your []-[] Lifecycle Attribute.
    4. Once highlighted, click on the "Filter Selectors" option in the Properties.
    5. On the Attribute Filter Selectors window, select "New Filter Rule" to set up a new filter.
    6. On the Attribute Filter Selector window, drop down "Select a filter or runtime value and select "[New]"
    7. In the "New Filter" window, fill in a Title. Tick "Everyone" and click OK.
    8. On the Attribute page, select to add "Title"
    9. On the Criteria page, select the criteria you want to add, for example, you might only want to see Incident Lifecycles, if so, add in "Class Type is Equal To (Incident)"
    10. Click Finish and save your filter.
    11. Click OK on your Attribute Filter Selector window

    12. Once you are back on your Attribute Filter Selectors window, you could click OK and then save Object Designer. This will set you up with a permanent filter of only being able to select active processors within the Incident Class Type. However, you might want to customise this slightly more by having multiple filters and having these filters become active dependant on other criteria.





    How to add Conditions onto your Filter:


    1. Within your Attribute Filter Selectors window, you will have a section called "Filter Rule Conditions" If you wish to create a condition to your filter, select "New Condition"
    2. The Condition box will become read/write and you can now select an Attribute that you wish to prompt by.
    3. For example, if you wish to show different filters depending on which Group the current user is currently in, you can select "Created By/Current Group" Comparison Type: Equal = <<GROUP>> filter7.png
    4. This will make the condition look like below.
    5. This design will make sure that this filter is only active when the creator of the case is in the Facilities Group. So anyone with Current Group = Facilities Group, can only create Cases in an Incident Process.
    6. You can then add in another filter to show HR Processors, and set up another condition to show this filter if your current group is "HR"