How To Setup WinMagic Integration

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x

    How To:


    The steps outlined below will assist you in setting up WinMagic integration within the LANDesk Management Console.


    Note: This document assumes that there is already a functional WinMagic installation within your environment. For additional information on setting this up, please refer to the WinMagic documentation provided with your WinMagic installation media.


    Step by Step:


    1. Navigate to Tools > Data Analytics > Data Translation Services on the core server.



    2. Within the Data Translation Services window navigate to the 'Enterprise Aggregators' folder and expand it. Locate the 'WinMagic Import' option.


    3. Right click on the 'WinMagic Import' option and select 'New Rule'.


    4. Within the ‘New Rule Name’ window you may wish to change the name of the WinMagic rule and input a description to provide additional details regarding the rule. Once this has been completed, click ‘Next’.


    5. The following screen will ask for a database ‘Type’. SQL is the only option available and should be selected. Following that selection, multiple options will appear regarding the WinMagic SQL database. Please fill in these details to allow the LANDesk Management Console to connect to the WinMagic SQL server as seen in the screenshot below. Once that has been completed, click “Finish’.


    Note: If you wish to use integrated Windows authentication to connect to the SQL database rather than a SQL account as seen within the screenshot, please check the 'Use Integrated Security' checkbox.


    6. Once the integration has been setup, you can run the rule by right clicking it and selecting ‘Run Now’.



    As the rule runs, it will connect to your WinMagic database and import the device data into Management Suite inventory. During the import process, no changes will be made to your WinMagic database.


    If you want to run this rule periodically, right-click it and select Schedule to create a scheduled task.


    The following inventory data will display for your WinMagic-enabled devices under the Computer.Security.Data Protection component in the console:


    • Encryption Status
    • Encryption Type
    • Installed
    • Last Sync Time
    • Product Version
    • Profile Name
    • Protected Date


    Note: This data will not be populated within the Inventory if WinMagic is not enabled on the machine in question. Please refer to the WinMagic documentation for information on how to enable encryption on your devices.